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Online Ordering

We make ordering ink and toner easy!


Save Time With Our Online Ordering System


Online Reorder is Easy

Unlike typical e-commerce sites where you have to look up each of your printer cartridges, add them to your shopping cart, then go through the billing and delivery process. Cartridge Connextion's online order system is EASY!

  1. Login and you will see a custom list of all your printers and only the ink and toner cartridges that you need.
  2. Simply select a quantity for each of your printer cartridges and click the 'Send Order' button and you're done!
  3. Cartridge Connextion will immediately receive your order and process it for fulfillment.


No need to come to the store.  No need to even pick up the phone.  We will give you a convenient Desktop Icon to put right onto your computer.  One click and presto, you're ready to order your print supplies.


Do you have multiple departments or several people who order supplies?  Want to better understand how much you spend on inkjet and toner cartridges?  No problem.  Cartridge Connextion can give each user their own custom order form, plus their own custom Desktop Icon. 


Knowledge is power.  We give managers visibility into each department's print cartridge usage.  This can help you save even more over time by ensuring that print expenses are kept in line. 

Committed to providing a outstanding customer service, and our Online Ordering System is one more great tool to help you run your business more efficiently.


Get Started Now

  1. Fill out this brief form below to tell us which printers you have or call us at: 714-848-2082 or 714-556-4465
  2. We'll create a custom online order form that only has the printers and cartridge you use.
  3. You will receive login information and a desktop shortcut to your custom order page.

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